Thursday, March 31, 2011

Frick and Frack

Blech so sorry for no updates, lets see Feb 28th my grandma passed away from colon cancer, the following friday my oldest had her tonsils out, we had spring break, I have 2 mid terms, and all three kids home wreckin havoc with my study time. I got a kindle...its much more addicting then psp, I can just order books and poof there they are...anyways, this semester has about 1 more month, I decided to take another full load in the summer so I can apply to nursing school in the I have been so freaking busy...anyways I do have some templates made up. I do a challenge over at Wicked Angelz called complete me, and I make a template and add elements to it, and the members have to create a tag from that. So I will take the elements off and give em to as just good ol templates. Look for them to be posted sometime today or tomorrow. Oh and for all the asswipes leaving shitty virus ridden messages in my chatbox...get a life douchebags.


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