Sunday, November 18, 2012

For the love!

It's come to my attention that someone has been taking my kits and putting them on their blog in the guise of "freebies".  This is a violation of my TOU, it states it CLEARLY on my blog under MY TOU, that you are to link back to my blog for the download, not totally miss that part and just throw the damn link up yourself.  Look it's not hard.  My kits are friggin free, so there should be none of this crap even going on for pete's sake.  Granted I LOOOOVE when people use my stuff and make tutorials, and tags and what not, so don't get me wrong.  However if you can't track or use your head to read a TOU I would rather you just skip my stuff and let it sit and gather dust.  It's called common courtesy, and respect.  Who knew I could get so worked up over something like this, but's already free people, it's got my damn blog name on it, so OBVIOUSLY it didn't come from this chicks blog.  I am not gonna name and shame unless she doesn't take it off her blog, then it's on like Donkey Kong.


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